FAQ - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Tanya need to perform an aerial act?


A. It depends on the act and venue. For a static, single-point act, a minimum of 14 feet of height and a static rigging point capable of supporting at least 2000lbs are required. For more complicated or swinging acts, additional height, rigging points and/or ground space may be required. If you do not have these capabilities in your venue, renting a free-standing rig may be an option.


Q. How long are Tanya's performances?


A. Choreographed acts range from 5-8 minutes depending on the music selection. For hangabout or walkabout,15-20 minute sessions are normal, with equal breaks of time between sets.


Q. Can Tanya create a special act for our event?


A. Yes, absolutely! Tanya loves working on creative projects for special events, and she is very adaptable about the music and theme of her acts. The more detailed you can be about what you're looking for, and the more advance notice you give, the better Tanya can meet your needs.


Q. What are your rates?


A. Tanya does not post fixed prices on her website because the market varies widely between cities and countries. An international gala is very different from a small-town fundraiser, private party or club night, and the rate quoted to you will reflect that.


However, performing is Tanya's full-time profession, so she does not work for free (nor for food/drinks, a great time, or exposure). Her rates are competitive with industry standards for a performer of her calibre.


Honorarium rates are available for non-profit organizations or charities at a discount of 10-15% from the standard quoted rate.


Q. What does Tanya teach? How do we get her to come do a workshop?


A. Tanya teaches and choreographs aerial movement, contortion and acrobatics for beginners right on up through professional performers, and from ages four through adult.


All students will require a general assessment to evaluate listening skills, body awareness and physical fitness before receiving training in aerial or acrobatic work. Choreography and skills are always (and only) taught at the level deemed appropriate to the student. If you're interested in having Tanya teach or set choreography, please get in touch!


Q. Is what Tanya does really safe? Where are the safety lines?


A. Yes! Being an acrobat always comes with risk, but Tanya underwent years of professional training to do aerial performance, and evaluates each situation individually with respect for and understanding of the hazards involved. Decisions about rigging, mats and safety lines are always made on a case-by-case-basis depending on the nature of the venue and the work being done.


Tanya has been trained in basic rigging techniques, but for extensive installations a professional and/or union rigger may be required for your facility. Tanya always works with liability insurance and may be able to add venues to her policy for performances with adequate notice.