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"So flawless... Tanya Burka captured the attention of the audience in a circus style striptease that involved removing rubber gloves and a clown nose, among other articles of circus attire. In the second portion of their act, Burka and [Sidonie] Adamson... performed aerial acrobatic wonders, climbing high and spinning around while suspended in various positions that captivated the audience."

Katrina Bogouski, "Two Excellent Acts from CircusFest 2014" via (Nov 2014)


"Quite possibly one of my favorite acts of the night, Tanya Burka delivered the silk acrobatic performance [in Quidam] with beauty, grace and pure perfection. A star, Burka's strength and beauty was electrifying while dangling high in the air."

Hayley Martin, PITTSBURGH EXAMINER (Oct 13, 2011)



"The girl in the fabric.... was better than I ever remembered [from seeing Quidam in the big top years earlier]."

Jane Seymour of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" watching Quidam in Pittsburgh, PA (Oct 2011)



"...a silk-wrapped contortionist defying gravity with poetic ease."

Alice T. Carter, PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW (Oct 13, 2011)



"I got to see Tanya Burka in her short stint in the show [Quidam] while she fills in for Isabelle Vaudelle. Her performance was emotional, and she had a few really great drops I had never seen anyone else do."

Mattsylvanian, audience member in Fort Wayne, IN (Sept 2011), via the Cirque Tribune forum



"I was very impressed by this young lady. She was in incredible shape, did her job well, was polite to the audience, and was quite passionate about her craft. What more could you ask for in a performance like hers? She was amazing!"

Ian Sane, audience member/photographer at a Pendulum Aerial Arts event (2010)



Tanya's number was UNBELIEVABLE. Technically demanding, super high, artistically gorgeous, and heart breaking. I am getting chills just posting this. Phew!! She's a bride left at the altar, climbing higher and higher as she sheds her gown, veil, garter, and ring.

Annaliese Moyer, photographer (2008)



"The best part of [Jambalaya] was you and the other aerialist in the show (Nate Crawford)... You, my dear, were fantastic and if you are ever in our area again, let us know and we will get front-row tickets."

Lin Kocher, audience member for Jambalaya (2010)

Other Links

An article on Tanya's 2013 workshops in Charlotte, NC from the Charlotte Observer


An article in Broadway World with Tanya talking about her work with Quidam



The Nuclear Acrobat: A Video Documentary


University of Oregon students focused on Tanya in the article "The Science of Suspension" in their award-winning annual publication, Flux, as part of a series interviewing people whose careers differed widely from their educational path. Tanya was featured on the magazine's cover.


Tanya was later asked to do a video documentary, The Nuclear Acrobat, which was shown on Oregon Public Broadcasting. Documentary by Wen Lee, Rebecca Purice and Steven Wilsey.


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